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20th Jul 2017

Episode #2 - All About Something About Guns

So first, welcome to this week's show. I feel like maybe things got a little dark this week, and I promise, next Episode # will be much more entertaining, somehow. But this week is mostly about my opinion and ramblings about firearms, the second amendment, and shootings. I hope that if you've enjoyed my show so far, you'll at least let me get this out before you stop listening, and if you have an opinion, you'll follow me on the twitter and we can discuss. I am all about open discussion and respect of opinions. Also included is Trump's Tweet of the Week. Tweet me; @barrettgruber. Thank you for listening!
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The All About Nothing: Podcast
All about nothing, while being all about something.
In this world of 24-Cable-News, Editorializations of our World, Politics, Wars, Pandemics, Partisan-ism, Sports, Entertainment... The constant barrage of information, we like to take a few moments and discuss particulars and their effect. We seek to learn and find direction. We look for understanding and good conversation in a world of unease.
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Barrett Gruber

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Originally from Atlanta, Barrett has worked professionally in Radio and Television. By day, he works in Business Analytics and Quality Assurance, and by night he takes in news, politics and sports and some how makes light of nearly all of it. Rooted in Comedy and Satire, Barrett gives his honest and well informed opinion on the world we all must experience.

Zachary King

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Just a guy that wears free shirts. Seriously. You give him a shirt, he will absolutely wear it. Don't ask for it back. He's all about the freebies. Seriously, again, he begs for free stuff.