Episode 166

Published on:

30th Jul 2023

All About Dungeons and Podcasts | Episode 1 | "Welcoming Our Travelers"

Welcome to our special Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, presented by "The All About Nothing: Podcast."

This is our very special attempt to present a fun campaign of us playing D&D together.

This series stars Amii (from "Welcome to Wonder Land") as Saphayd, Cari (from "Status Macabre" and "What The Pod Was That") as Silu, Zac (from "The All About Nothing: Podcast" and "What The Pod Was That")as Velorium Kilgore, and Barrett (from "The All About Nothing: Podcast" and "What The Pod Was That") as Gru-phan The Broghan.

The group is led through this adventure by Micah, our Dungeon Master!

The music is provided by Ghostwriter Music, titled "Sword Sparring." Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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This episode is titled, "Welcoming Our Travelers."

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